Finding a Cure for Food Allergies

When I talk about food allergies to others, a question that comes up again and again is if there’s a cure for food allergies. Sadly, there currently isn’t a cure, however I was excited to learn about the non-profit E.A.T. (End Allergies Together), which is the only independent organization solely focused on raising money for a cure. 100% of their focus is on raising money for food allergy research.

Been Gluten-ed? Here’s my go-to remedy..

We’ve all been gluten-ed, it unfortunately happens to the best of us. Once the gluten-ing has occurred I have a few favorite remedies that don’t cure the symptoms, but do help to make the situation less painful. My go-to combination is ginger tea, hot lemon water, and my new favorite item: tummydrops. tummydrops were developed by Gastroenterologist Dr. Dustin James in partnership with his wife after hearing the frustration his patients expressed to him about the lack of effectiveness of over-the-counter stomach ache remedies.

Brush Your Allergies Away with Toothpaste?

Intrommune Therapeutics is a new biopharmaceutical company based out of NYC that is working to simplify treatment for food allergies by providing convenient new options for food allergy sufferers through their Oral Mucosal Immunotherapy. Essentially, they are working to create an allergy immunotherapy toothpaste which contains peanut allergens
If you’re not familiar with Oral Immunotherapy, it’s when patients are fed small incremental amounts of protein to which they are allergic in a carefully controlled manner over a period of time.

Real Talk: Respecting Food Allergies

Food Allergy Awareness Week kicks off on Sunday, May 8th with the theme React with Respect. As I began thinking about this theme, it reminded me that respect ultimately requires understanding. I feel incredibly strongly that there isn’t enough knowledge or education about what it means to have and live with a food allergy. Did you know that a food allergy reaction sends someone to the ER every three minutes? Did you also know that more than 15 Million Americans have a food allergy, and the rate of food allergies has increased 50% among children since 1997?