Gluten-Free Pizza (by the slice) Party in NYC

The Best Gluten-Free Pizza (by the slice) in NYC at Vinnie’s Pizzeria

Vinnie's Pizzeria, The Best Gluten-Free Pizza in NYC

Of the 550 pizza places in NYC, only 25 offer gluten-free pizza. In the mood for just a slice instead of the whole pie? You’re now limited to about 5 spots. Options for those wanting gluten-free pizza by the slice in NYC are pretty dismal, which is why when Ali from Bitches Be Gluten Free reached out to me with information about an exciting collaboration she launched with Vinnie’s Pizzeria in Brooklyn to create made from scratch gluten-free pizza by the slice, I wanted to learn more, and try this pizza for myself.


We made plans to meet at Vinnie’s Pizzeria, which is located on Bedford Avenue in Williamsburg, Brooklyn a few blocks from the Bedford Avenue L stop. Every Friday from 5pm and all day on Saturday customers can create a customized gluten-free pizza by the pie or slice, selecting any combination of the toppings available for the regular pies. Chef Lena Kwak created the Cup 4 Cup flour blend, which is used in the crust for this collaboration. In addition to a combination of all the toppings you can dream of, pies are also available with Daiya vegan cheese, although if you’re vegan please note that Cup 4 Cup Flour does contain dairy. A gluten-free version of the viral Inception Pizza, or pizza-on-pizza can also be made by advanced special request.

Gluten-Free Hawaiian Pizza from Vinnie's Pizzeria in NYC, Brooklyn

I decided on pineapple and ham as the toppings for my gluten-free slice, and wasn’t disappointed. The crust was amazing, a bit crunchy, but not too crunchy where it feels that its been overcooked. After chatting with Ali, I realized that it had been years (aka not once since I transitioned to a gluten-free diet) that I’d stopped into a pizza joint and ordered a slice to go. Pizza lovers: rejoice! There’s a new gluten-free option in New York City, and not only is it delicious, but if you’re not in the mood for a whole pie (no judgment here), you can easily get a smaller bite of gluten-free heaven.

Gluten-Free Pizza from Vinnie's Pizzeria, Photo Credit: Bitches Be Gluten Free

Visit Vinne’s Brooklyn every week on Friday from 5pm and all day on Saturday to experience the beauty of gluten-free pizza by the slice for yourself. Go crazy and order a few slices with different toppings, you deserve it.

Vinnie’s Brooklyn: 148 Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn, New York 11211

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  1. That’s my old neighborhood! Any idea how they keep the gluten-free food away from the gluten? I would assume there is a lot of pizza dough flying around a place like that. How do they avoid cross contamination in the ovens and prep area? Thanks!

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