The Royal Yacht Britannia: Gluten-Free High Tea

Gluten Free Tea and Scones

Gluten-Free High Tea in Edinburgh, Scotland aboard the Queen’s Yacht!

Gluten Free High Tea Scones Edinburgh

Have you ever had high tea? It’s one of my favorite things to do, ever. Sadly, most tea shops don’t offer many gluten-free options, which means that I’ve gone quite a long time without having a “proper” high tea experience. During my trip to Edinburgh, Scotland last month my husband and I visited The Royal Yacht Britannia,which is the formal royal yacht of Queen Elizabeth II. I was expecting to get a dose of history and see a beautiful yacht, but hadn’t realized that the visit would also offer a wonderful allergy-free dining experience. I was pleased to discover that The Royal Yacht Tea Room offered a variety of gluten-free scones, cakes, and a variety of gluten-free soups. Not only would I finally be able to get my high tea fix, but it would be in the nautical residence of the Queen! This discovery was truly the icing on the gluten-free cake!

Royal Yacht Gluten Free High Tea

This sign greeted us as we walked through the doors of the tea room. Thank you to The Royal Yacht Britannia for being so accommodating about food allergies. My husband and I appreciate it!

Gluten Free High Tea Edinburgh Soup

We arrived to the tearoom around lunchtime, and although I wanted to dive right into sweets I figured I should eat something nutritious first. Is there anything sweeter than reading that all of the soups are gluten-free! Heaven! When I asked our waitress what her favorite soup was, she quickly replied that she loved the Ayrshire smoked ham hough and pea soup, which also happens to be one of my favorite kinds of soup as well. Didn’t take much convincing! I put in my order and could hardly contain my excitement.

Gluten Free Pea Soup

Look at that vibrant green color! The soup was incredibly delicious and was accompanied with a warm gluten-free roll. I devoured it in about two minutes flat.

Gluten Free Cakes and Scones Edinburgh

Now onto the best part: cakes and scones. I was thrilled to read that “a selection of gluten and wheat free cakes and sweet treats are available.” While I was tempted by the cakes, what I really was craving was a traditional fruit scone with clotted cream and Britannia jam. Yes please!

Allergy Free Wife Tea

Cheers to allergy-free high tea!

Allergy Free High Tea

Have you ever seen anything so beautiful? Clotted cream, butter, jam, and the best warm fruit scone EVER.

The Allergy Free Wife Edinburgh

Smiles all around for allergy-free high tea! If planning a trip to Edinburgh, Scotland make sure to add The Royal Yacht Britannia to your list!

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