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“Free-From Business Spotlight”: Vanessa Phillips, Founder of Feel Good Foods, Gluten-Free, Chef Inspired Meals


After transitioning to a gluten-free diet a few years ago a cuisine that has been largely off limits for me has been Chinese food. While I love egg rolls and dumplings, there are very few restaurants that offer a gluten-free variation on the typical gluten-filled recipes. I was excited to learn about Feel Good Foods, which was started by food-loving celiac Vanessa Phillips and accomplished chef Tryg Siverson. Vanessa and Tryg met while working at a NYC restaurant, Tryg as Executive Sous Chef and Vanessa as a server who couldn’t enjoy staff meals due to her gluten-free diet. Tryg was up for the challenge and asked Vanessa which foods she missed most. Vanessa, longing for her favorite Asian foods, begged Tryg to create a gluten-free dumpling. Tryg worked tirelessly to prepare gluten-free versions of the foods she craved. Dish after dish, she was floored. And today Vanessa can finally eat with confidence. Feel Good Foods was founded with the mission to bring great-tasting, all-natural,gluten-free recipes to the masses.

Now offering frozen gluten-free egg rolls, dumplings, empanadas, taquitos, and full Asian meals. I was lucky enough to speak with Vanessa and learn a bit more about Feel Good Goods.

AFW: Where does the name Feel Good Foods come from?
Vanessa: When we came up with the idea to start a gluten-free food company we were having a hard time thinking of a name. One night we had a party and invited a bunch of our friends over, and asked everyone to think of a name for our company and write it on a piece of paper. We read each name out loud and everyone had to vote on their favorite. The clear winning name of the night was Feel Good Foods!


AFW: What was your first Feel Goods product?
Vanessa: Initially we sold gluten-free lasagna and meatballs, for online delivery only. We did that for about a year until we deiced we wanted to be sold in grocery stores so we could reach more people. As we were looking for commercial kitchens to make our lasagna and meatballs, Tryg (my husband) came up with a recipe for gluten-free dumplings. We knew it was very unique as I had never seen a gluten-free dumpling before and we jumped on an opportunity to send samples of the dumplings to Whole Foods Market. Three weeks later we got an email from Whole Foods telling us the dumplings were accepted into 27 of their stores. That was the launch of our company into retail.


AFW: You’ve now expanded to not just egg rolls and dumplings, but also to full Asian meals. Which one is your favorite?
Vanessa: Growing up, dumplings were a favorite of mine. When I went gluten-free, I was determined to find a way to continue enjoying them. Luckily for me I have been eating Feel Good Foods dumplings for 6 years and they are still my go-to comfort meal. Even my son loves them! 


AFW: What are your plans for Feel Good Foods in the future?

Vanessa: The plan is to continue innovating and creating. We have a ton of gluten-free recipes that we are always experimenting with and look forward to continuing to bring our foods to the public. 
AFW: Describe Feel Good Foods in three words.
Vanessa: Natural, Delicious, and G-free!

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